Rainbow Readers and Accelerated Reader

  • Independent readers participate in the Accelerated Reader / Rainbow Readers Programs
  • Accelerated Reader is a computer-based assessment technology used to enhance reading skills.  AR Reading Practice quizzes assess students’ comprehension of books they have read.
  • Classroom teachers establish each child's reading range and quarterly goals based on the STAR reading assessment.  The Zone for Proximal Development (or ZPD) provides a reading range that research has shown produces the maximum progress in reading
  • Most books in the Media Center with AR quizzes have been identified with round, color-coded labels on the spine of the book indicating the reading level (the color-code keys are displayed throughout the media center).
  • Inside the front cover, another label indicates the Book Level (BL), Point Value (Pts) and Quiz Number.

How to take an AR Test 

  • After reading the book, students log on to any computer at school to take the AR quiz.
  • Username is the 7-digit student ID #
  • Password is the student's two initials
  • Students click "TAKE A QUIZ" and enter the first few words of the title - immediately a drop down screen will appear with all books beginning with the same words.
  • Students may also enter the quiz number.
  • It is helpful for younger students to have the book or a card with the necessary information printed when they sit down to test so they can access the correct title.
  • Students may not open the book during the quiz.
  • Upon completion of the quiz, students are given immediate feedback with the results and the opportunity to see what questions they got wrong. All students should be encouraged to look at the questions they got wrong.

Home Connect 

  • Parents will immediately receive an e-mail of their child's quiz results if they have signed up for Renaissance Place
  • Click here to access the Renaissance Place website: https://hosted88.renlearn.com/65682/HomeConnect/Login.aspx
  • Enter the student's ID and password.
  • At the top right of the page, click on e-mail setup and fill in the requested information.
  • Clicking on "My Bookshelf" displays all quizzes taken. Clicking on the picture of a book will reveal the student's AR quiz score and other pertinent information.