Become a Room Parent

Interested in becoming a room parent?  Please read below to learn more about what room parents do and how you can get involved.  


Q: What are a Room Parent’s responsibilities?

A: Room Parents serve a unique role, at the crossroads between teachers, parents in the class, and the PTA. They are responsible for:

  • Class Funds: Room Parents collect funds from parents in the class at the beginning of the school year, then make purchases based on the needs of the class as requested by the teachers, while maintaining a log of receipts for record-keeping purposes. At certain times of the year, Room Parents also coordinate the collection for and purchase of gifts for the teacher.
  • Class Communication from the Teacher: At the teacher’s request, Room Parents pass along information and announcements to the entire class, such as notice of events or requests for particular supplies.
  • Class Communication from the PTA: At the request of the PTA, Room Parents pass along information relevant to school-wide activities, particularly when they have details that vary from class to class, such as Fun Fest volunteer requests, Field Day donation needs, Book Fair visit times, etc.
  • General Support: As requested by the teacher, Room Parents support the teacher and class in a variety of ways. This can include preparing supplies or assisting with a project, as the individual teacher needs and sees fit.


 Q: Does being a Room Parent take a lot of time?

 A: There is no one answer to this question, as needs of individual teachers at different grade levels vary, and there are busier times of the year where more things may need to be asked of Room Parents. Generally speaking, however, being a Room Parent does not take a lot of time. Many classes operate with a team of two or three Room Parents, and this also lightens the load.


Q: How many Room Parents does each class have?

A: This varies by class, per teacher preference. The goal is for each class to have at least one Room Parent. Many teachers and Room Parents find having teams of two or three preferable, so the tasks can be divided, or having one Room Parent serve as primary point of contact, who then solicits help from the rest of the team.


Q: I work during the school day. Is it still possible for me to be a Room Parent?

 A: Yes. Many of our Room Parents work during the school day. A great deal of the tasks asked of Room Parents can be accomplished by email or via the child’s backpack, and other parents can be asked to volunteer in the classroom as needed should the Room Parent be unavailable during the school day.


Q: How do I become a Room Parent?

 A: Those interested in becoming a Room Parent should first speak with their teacher. Then, they should contact the Room Parent Coordinator, Tere Bauza to be added to the Room Parent email list.


Q: My class already has a Room Parent. Are there other ways for me to be involved?

 A: There are many ways to be involved in the class and school community beyond being a Room Parent. If your class already has a Room Parent or Room Parent team, consider letting those individuals know you are available to help should they need it, or talk with your teacher. Additionally, the PTA has many opportunities to volunteer to suit every schedule, interest, and skill set. Our community’s high level of parent involvement is one of the many wonderful things